Have you seen the new Seraphine collection yet? If not, read on to find out about some of their key pieces and get a discount off your next purchase. The maternity-wear mega star, with fans such as Kate Middleton, Gwen Stefani and Jessica Alba has just launched it’s new season range. From cosy knits to versatile work dresses, Seraphine is great for building a capsule maternity wardrobe with quality pieces that last. Remember you’ll most likely be wearing your maternity pieces for longer than nine months!

The Mothershop has teamed up with Seraphine to offer you an exclusive 15% off your next order, it’s valid for one month so get in there quick and stock up on your new maternity wardrobe. Just enter the code ANNAWOODHAM at the checkout for your discount. Offer excludes sale items, babywear and kits. Click here to take you to the site – and happy shopping!!




Miroslava Duma for Harper's Bazaar, August, 2017

Miroslava Duma for Harper’s Bazaar, August, 2017

If you’re expecting in the next six months, chances are you’re starting to think about the ever-nearing colder months and what the hell will keep your bump warm this winter. It’s a tricky one, as you’re probably feeling big anyway, so adding extra bulk isn’t really the look you’re going for. Pregnant or not, when choosing a coat the same rules apply, for example if you’re petite, don’t go for a full length coat which could swamp you. Or being plus size, an extra padded style may not be you’re best bet.



Finding a good maternity coat is a really hard task, to start with 80% of them are black, which is fine but some people want a more interesting colour given that you’ll be wearing it every day for a good four months. Secondly, it’s tricky finding brands who cover trends, they’re often very generic and non-season specific, which for a girl who knows her trends isn’t going to work.

I’ve compiled an edit of the best maternity coats available now…Click on each image for the trend and details.




If you’re expecting right now then your maternity wardrobe is in for a treat this Autumn. THE MOTHERSHOP was lucky enough to be given a sneak peak into what’s to come in the next few months from maternity masters ASOS, and let me tell you; it is immense.

From Seventies inspired blouses to Eighties luxurious velvet, there’s no compromise on style. And for once, a winter maternity collection with COLOUR!!! Thank you ASOS for realising pregnant women don’t just want to wear black and breton stripes!

My favourites pieces from the new collection are the checked ruffle top, the green fluted sleeve blouse and the red embroidered dress. But this is only a snippet of what’s to come. There are plenty of party dresses with pizzazz and also an update on the ‘Preggers’ t-shirt made famous by Beyonce’s bump (as seen here) with a new sweatshirt version to come. You can shop it here.

If you want a work wardrobe with some personality or a social life with style then ASOS is your one-stop maternity shop. You may just need to explain to your new arrival why their new wardrobe is considerably smaller than yours.



Image: Mother Denim

Hooray! You’ve found out your pregnant and not only are you bursting to tell everyone your news but also literally bursting; out of your current wardrobe. It may be just that bit too early to tell people yet though, especially at work, so hiding your new found paunch can often be problematic.

If it’s you’re first baby, chances are you may not have popped out too much before your 12 week scan but if it’s your second, that bump isn’t shy!

So what’s the best style top to wear to throw people off the scent? Luckily we’re not in a tight trend phase so there is plenty of choice out there. Look for styles with ruffles, frills, skirted bottom which will give you a bit more coverage. Also loose wrap front tops are great as they usually hang over a little at the bottom giving your bump a bit more room. A top with lots of detail around the neckline is also good for drawing the eye up and away from you bump. 

Here’s a round up of the best bump hiders on the high street. Click on the image for more details.

Pic credits: Mother Denim, careergirldaily.com



When I spied Beyond Nine during on Instagram I was very excited by what I saw. Cool maternity wear!! I know! It’s actually a pretty rare occurrence I find.

Whether you’re pregnant or not, bump or no bump, Beyond Nine is worth checking out as all the styles are designed to be worn pre, during and post pregnancy. Founder Naomi Raybould says “In my first pregnancy I found that I had to compromise on style just because I was pregnant. You shouldn’t have to spend money on clothes that’ll only last you nine months”.

The capsule collection is made up of two styles of jumpsuit at present, all designed and handmade in London. Both styles have breastfeeding in mind, whether it be with a simple to undo tie on the shoulder or a low cut side for easy feeding access.

All Beyond Nine jumpsuits are priced at £80 and you can pre-order from the website at https://beyondnine.co.uk/  They are available in three colours, navy, black and charcoal and three sizes, S (UK 8-10), M (UK 12-14), L (UK 16) Better get your order in quick as I predict these will be flying off the shelves!

All photography provided by www.emilygrayphotography.co.uk