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Hooray! You’ve found out your pregnant and not only are you bursting to tell everyone your news but also literally bursting; out of your current wardrobe. It may be just that bit too early to tell people yet though, especially at work, so hiding your new found paunch can often be problematic.

If it’s you’re first baby, chances are you may not have popped out too much before your 12 week scan but if it’s your second, that bump isn’t shy!

So what’s the best style top to wear to throw people off the scent? Luckily we’re not in a tight trend phase so there is plenty of choice out there. Look for styles with ruffles, frills, skirted bottom which will give you a bit more coverage. Also loose wrap front tops are great as they usually hang over a little at the bottom giving your bump a bit more room. A top with lots of detail around the neckline is also good for drawing the eye up and away from you bump. 

Here’s a round up of the best bump hiders on the high street. Click on the image for more details.

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When I spied Beyond Nine during on Instagram I was very excited by what I saw. Cool maternity wear!! I know! It’s actually a pretty rare occurrence I find.

Whether you’re pregnant or not, bump or no bump, Beyond Nine is worth checking out as all the styles are designed to be worn pre, during and post pregnancy. Founder Naomi Raybould says “In my first pregnancy I found that I had to compromise on style just because I was pregnant. You shouldn’t have to spend money on clothes that’ll only last you nine months”.

The capsule collection is made up of two styles of jumpsuit at present, all designed and handmade in London. Both styles have breastfeeding in mind, whether it be with a simple to undo tie on the shoulder or a low cut side for easy feeding access.

All Beyond Nine jumpsuits are priced at £80 and you can pre-order from the website at  They are available in three colours, navy, black and charcoal and three sizes, S (UK 8-10), M (UK 12-14), L (UK 16) Better get your order in quick as I predict these will be flying off the shelves!

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This weather is impossibly hard to dress for, pregnant or not. One day it’s hot, the next it’s pouring down. Florence and I got drenched yesterday after skipping out the house in the sunshine only to find ourselves an hour later standing under a tree for cover with no coats or umbrella. Baaaad Mum.

If you’re looking for a cover-up but not necessarily a full on winter coat just yet then a have a look at a kimono. There are so many styles, lengths, fabrics to choose from and they are ideal for skimming over your new found curves. What’s more, they make you look like you’ve made an big outfit effort when all you’ve done is thrown it on. Mum wardrobe winner!

They’re also great if you aren’t keen on investing in much of a maternity wardrobe, being non-maternity means you can wear it throughout your pregnancy and afterwards.

Here are my top tips for styling out a kimono:

  • Keep your outfit underneath fairly tight fitting, you can’t go wrong with a basic vest and jeans
  • Don’t be afraid to clash prints. A striped breton top worn under florals makes your look more individual 
  • If you’re not particularly tall, then go for a more jacket length style rather than full length for fear of swamping you
  • Try mixing up your look, heels obviously work but the right dress and pair of trainers could look cool

Check out my edit of the best on the high street, click or hover for details. It’s worth looking at New Look’s range if you want a good range of more affordable styles, see here

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It’s holiday time! Getting beach body ready can be scary at the best of times but factor in either expecting a baby or having just had one and the idea of getting your kit off in public can be more than daunting.

I bought a mamalicious swimsuit when I was pregnant and actually ended up wearing it loads. Florence was back to back throughout the whole pregnancy so I swam lengths and lengths in the vain attempt of turning her.  She did turn towards the end but apparently turned back to the back-to-back position during labour so came out face up. Thanks for that F!

If you’re expecting a baby, here is a round up of the best maternity swimsuits on the high street. From tankini’s to one-pieces there’s something for everyone.

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There’s no denying, your body has changed after having a baby. Depending on when you had yours and the time passed will hugely effect how you look, feel and dress. Unless you were super fit before pregnancy (I definitely was not in this category) then it’s unlikely you’ll bounce straight back to a toned tum so use your swimwear wisely to make you look and feel amazing!

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Handy tips to remember for swimwear:

  • Wearing darker colours on the bottom half will minimise your size
  • High waisted briefs hold everything in and are also good if you’re looking to conceal a c-section scar
  • A sarong provides lots of coverage for walking round the beach / pool and can be worn in a multitude of ways
  • M&Co and Figleaves are great for tummy control styles
  • Go for a style with detachable straps or a zip front for easy access if you’re breastfeeding



A pregnant friend of mine has four weddings this year. That’s four sober weddings and four maternity dresses to find; I’m not sure which is more of a challenge.

Dressing for a wedding can be tricky at the best of times; finding a dress other guests won’t also be wearing, avoiding colours the bridesmaids might wear and finding a pair of shoes that’ll last from dawn to dance floor is no easy task. Add in the factor that you’re expecting and this can be even more of a challenge. But fear not, THE MOTHERSHOP has put together some handy suggestions just for you…

Before we start, one thing to think about; footwear. I went to a wedding when I was 8 months pregnant and wore 4 inch heels all day. I never wear heels so not really sure what I was thinking. Luckily I took some flat simple sandals but when I went to change into them during the evening, my feet had swollen so much I could hardly get them on! So my advice, consider a lace up sandal or adjustable strap style as a back up!


(Dress £55 Sunglasses £12.99 Shoes £30


Dress £25 Shoe £32 Bag £42


Dress £34.99 Bag £49 Sandal £18


Jacket £19.99 shorts £14.99 Hat £24 Shoe £34


Dress £55 Bag £30 Shoe £52


Dress £39.99 Bag £26 shoe £65


Dress £255 BA&SH at Bag £40 shoes £58


Dress £99 Bag £10 shoe £85


Dress £46 shoe £85 bag £45