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Q: Many women find the first stage of pregnancy difficult to dress, where they don’t look ‘pregnant’ but have a bigger tummy, do you have any tips for styling out this tricky trimester?

“Spanx! In the early weeks of pregnancy where you look bloated, it’s perfectly ok to wear Spanx – it does not effect the baby and can boost confidence as well as keeping sidewards stares at bay from your work colleagues or family members who may have an inkling you’re pregnant.   If you’re not comfortable wearing hold in lingerie, undo the top button of your jeans and loop a hairband through the button hole and attach together with a loose fitting top or jumper to hide it.  I was in my first trimester during December so it was easy to hide – until I flew to Cape Town to shoot a TV commercial at 11 weeks.  I wore spanx under my clothes and having seen the commercial, it did the trick!”

Q: “What have your learnt from your two previous times of maternity dressing? Anything you’d do differently this time?”

Comfort comes first especially towards the end of your pregnancy.  I had a really great pair of maternity jeans with my other two pregnancies that looked great but they were really uncomfortable when I sat down.  I wanted to look good but I felt like crap.  This time around, I have decided to wear more dresses, skirt and maternity tights as these don’t pinch as much as some jeans and I think can look more flattering on a curvy pregnant body.  Dungarees are also a new fave of mine – they’re cute, comfy and cool.  I am also wearing more non maternity clothes and working in the bump – for example tops and dresses with an empire waist line work really well.  

Q: Have you found your style changed at all when you were pregnant, or since becoming a Mum?

“I actually feel like my style has got better since becoming a mum.  I look back of photos of me in my twenties on my Facebook page and I’m always wearing the same formula of clothing – jeans, tops, hair up.  I didn’t explore much, but I think that’s because in my job I was always putting on clothes and dressing up and when I wasn’t working I just wanted to be comfortable.  Since becoming a mum I didn’t want to fall into the trap of literally ‘dressing like a mum’.  When we’re up to our eyeballs in motherhood, we still want to feel fabulous and I have learnt that when I dress well my whole day goes better.  It’s nice to hear people say ‘I love your outfit’ and now that I have a Instagram page and post fashion on it from time to time, it’s great to know that I also inspire other women with what to wear.  Hence the name Mama Still Got It!”

Q:How easy did you find following trends when it came to maternity wear?

“To be honest I find a lot of maternity clothes a little dull.  Sorry! Sometimes it feels like your fashion style has to disappear as your placenta grows.  I’ve really like the last two season’s of Marks and Spencer’s dresses but unfortunately they only have 1 maternity dress online – so I bought it, love it and live in it, but wish there was more of a collection.  As mentioned earlier, I have tried to stay on trend with working non maternity tops with maternity jeans.  The other day I bought a lovely top from Mango that was new in and I loved it.  I matched it with jeans and a white maternity vest underneath and it did the trick.  I don’t want my fashion sense to have to change because I have a bump.”

Q: Do you have any tips for getting ready in a rush?

“Firstly, I always mentally plan what I want to wear the night before I get into bed so I have an idea.  But if it’s a huge rush, I will always go back to  jeans and top with trainers and a leather jacket (my usual dress code for the school run) and then if I have an event or meeting to go to later that I day I will go home and plan my outfit properly.”

Louise in her non-maternity Mango top

Q: Which Mum’s do you look to for style inspiration?

“Laura from @thefashionbugblog, Erica from @erica_davies, Emma from @finlay_fox and Meghan Markle!

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