The best maternity bras when you’re breastfeeding

In the early stages of pregnancy all thoughts about fashion tend to be on your new maternity wardrobe; finding the best pair of jeans or sourcing that dress that’ll see you through your entire pregnancy. But, if I can give one piece of useful advise, it’s to start with your smalls (or not so small as the case may be!)

New lingerie is often something women begrudge spending money on, especially maternity lingerie which can be seen as a short term purchase. But that is exactly where a lot of first time Mum’s go wrong, it’s not short term, it’s very lonnnng term. You could be wearing a maternity bra for up to two years; double that if you have a second child.

It is really beneficial to go and get measured as your boobs change so much during and after pregancy. Anywhere around the three month mark is the best time to go, up until then you may be able to make do with your standard bras with an extender at the back (I bought a couple of these from Ebay first time round). Make sure you’re getting the best support from your maternity bra as ill-fitting styles can add complications if you’re unlucky enough to develop mastitis.

I was gifted a really lovely bra to try from Auralure seen here. Their styles are such good quality and don’t look obviously maternity as it can sometimes be hard finding a maternity bra that isn’t dowdy or looks like a granny bra. I found the ‘Anne Seagrass’ style really comfortable and the silk and lace made it feel like a nice attractive bra. It’s worth saying that its good to invest on a decent style. Not only will it last longer (and you need to wash them so much more with milk explosions) but the better quality is worth the extra price. Just think of cost per wear!

I also tried a Mimi Holliday maternity bra in my first pregnancy and that was brilliant for feeding in as it had a mesh panel which made you feel a bit more covered up. Have a look at their ‘Chai‘ style below which looks nice having a bit peeking through under a v-neck like this…


I’ve compiled an edit of my favourite maternity bras below, this includes the Warrior Mama Maternity Bra (seen first) by Silent Arrow. For every item purchased, they donate a pair of their iconic undies to girls in need for example in women in shelters, the homeless and foster girls in care.

Click on any image below to take you straight to the site to buy…

Breastfeeding essentials: Here are a few of my go-to products I’ve found invaluable when I am breastfeeding. It goes without saying this also includes the remote control, your phone and a good supply of biscuits!

Lanolin Balm £9.99

Muslin Squares £7

Bamboo Breast Pads £10.95



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