Miroslava Duma for Harper's Bazaar, August, 2017

Miroslava Duma for Harper’s Bazaar, August, 2017

If you’re expecting in the next six months, chances are you’re starting to think about the ever-nearing colder months and what the hell will keep your bump warm this winter. It’s a tricky one, as you’re probably feeling big anyway, so adding extra bulk isn’t really the look you’re going for. Pregnant or not, when choosing a coat the same rules apply, for example if you’re petite, don’t go for a full length coat which could swamp you. Or being plus size, an extra padded style may not be you’re best bet.

Finding a good maternity coat is a really hard task, to start with 80% of them are black, which is fine but some people want a more interesting colour given that you’ll be wearing it every day for a good four months. Secondly, it’s tricky finding brands who cover trends, they’re often very generic and non-season specific, which for a girl who knows her trends isn’t going to work.

I’ve compiled an edit of the best maternity coats available now…Click on each image for the trend and details.




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