Image: Mother Denim

Hooray! You’ve found out your pregnant and not only are you bursting to tell everyone your news but also literally bursting; out of your current wardrobe. It may be just that bit too early to tell people yet though, especially at work, so hiding your new found paunch can often be problematic.

If it’s you’re first baby, chances are you may not have popped out too much before your 12 week scan but if it’s your second, that bump isn’t shy!

So what’s the best style top to wear to throw people off the scent? Luckily we’re not in a tight trend phase so there is plenty of choice out there. Look for styles with ruffles, frills, skirted bottom which will give you a bit more coverage. Also loose wrap front tops are great as they usually hang over a little at the bottom giving your bump a bit more room. A top with lots of detail around the neckline is also good for drawing the eye up and away from you bump. 

Here’s a round up of the best bump hiders on the high street. Click on the image for more details.

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