Dress £42

Dress £42

I’m not a girlie girl, most days I dress in a white t-shirt, black jeans and a black leather jacket; or the moody teenager look as my husband likes to call it. Therefore it’s no surprise I haven’t invested in a sea of unicorns and fairy prints for Florence. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the odd unicorn, but fairies…err, no.

A little while ago I was sent a lovely selection of items by Nununu for Florence to try out. Their philosophy is ‘quality, comfort and style’. The first thing I always think of when dressing Florence is comfort. As a baby who can’t adjust their own clothes if they’re caught up, or a toddler who spends 99% of their time rolling on the floor (be it for fun or tantrum) it must be horrible for them to be uncomfortable in what they’re wearing, so for me, comfort has to be key.

One thing I found early on when dressing Florence is it’s hard to get good basics for kids, everything is bright or so patterned that you end up with this kind of mental mis-matched wardrobe where nothing goes with anything. Nununu is great for the ‘bits-to-go-with’, the muted colour tones of black, white, grey, pink and yellow go with most things. They also do really good sales with 40% off some styles so get involved there if their mainline prices are a bit steep, as their range doesn’t really date. Florence is prone to the odd eczema flare up, so I found Nununu’s range perfect for her. The t-shirts and leggings are a really fine moveable fabric and so let her skin breath.

It’s not just clothing either, they do a fab unisex range of bedding and blankets, again super soft and washes really well.

See the whole range here  and whilst you’re there, make sure you check out their celebrity kids following!



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