As I write this, I’m sat here eating a mixture of left-over Easter egg and Digestive nibbles (they’re delicious chocolate biscuit balls that look like a bit like rabbit droppings). Whether you’re a new Mum, or if like me, you’ve eaten your own bodyweight in chocolate this Easter – or both, chances are you’ll be the proud owner of a Mum-Tum.

Let’s be honest, who has the time (or inclination) to do 100 crunches a day or go to the gym for a leisurely work out? Not me that’s for sure. Neither however, am I too keen on showing off my Easter eating achievement, so what’s the answer? I’ll tell you…it’s the midi skirt / jumper killer combo.

Why does it work?

  1. A high waisted midi will sit just on your waistline, go for an elasticated waistband style which will skim over your curves
  2. A lightweight knit or slouchy sweatshirt (I’m a big fan of a Miason Labiche at the moment, as seen here) will cover over any Mum-tum issues
  3. It looks like you’ve made an effort and thought about your outfit – which when you’re a Mum you have little time for either
  4. You can wear trainers. Call me old but I’m all for practical and comfort. I barely ever wear heels so anything that works with flats is a winner in my book, it’s ideal for busy Mum’s on the run
  5. It suits our weird weather. One day its hot, one day its cold, this is the perfect in-between seasons look

Here’s my edit of the best around at the moment. Click or hover over the image for details…



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