This week THE MOTHERSHOP goes undercover and looks at maternity bras. First and foremost, I’d definitely suggest going to get measured before buying one as you will be surprised at how much your size can differ, especially with your rib cage expanding throughout each trimester.

Luckily there are now plenty of brands who do pretty and stylish nursing bras so you don’t have to feel sacrifice style nor feel like you’re wearing a granny bra for 9 months!

Here’s my five of the best…

[Clockwise from top left]
  1. Mai Underwired Plunge Strap Lace Nursing bra £20 This was the most fashion forward I could find, I particuarly like the V detail. For £20 this is a great style and the navy is a nice alternative to standard black.
  2. White Zoe Maternity Bra £38 Heidi Klum intimates This style is good for those who don’t have big boobs as it doesn’t offer loads of support. The lace trim and contrasting straps make it nice one to show a flash off under a top.
  3. Lace and Mesh Nursing Bra £18 This bright coral is nice for a change and a pop of colour. The mesh makes it super comfy and at £18 you can afford to buy a few to keep you going!
  4. Peach Blossom Silk Maternity Bra £65 I was lucky enough to be given a bra from Mimi Holiday when I was expecting and it was amazing. Yes they are a higher price range but cost per wear and the comfort of silk makes it worth it, and there’s a more affordable option if you don’t go for silk. Mine was a lot like this one – sooo comfy and looked nice under tops and dresses, I also liked the fact you were still quite covered during feeding. Friends often asked me where it was from as the lace often peeked out the side. It washed really well in the machine too.
  5. Fig Mouse Contour Nursing Bra £32.90 The contoured cups make this one ideal if your boobs are changing shape a lot whilst feeding and provides a consistently smooth profile. It’s available in this nice navy but also a pale pink and nude.




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