Welcome to the World of Wakamono

It’s hard to look at Wakamono website without smiling. Their fun, bright clothes are liked by children and parents equally. Parents will love the cool designs and the sustainable mind of the brand.  Wakomono uses fabrics such as 100% organic cotton and bamboo making their clothes last but also super comfy for your little ones.

The unisex collection has plenty of tongue in cheek styles from their ‘Ha ha ha’ pieces like the striped romper above to their monster face comforters.

Wakamono is the brainchild of Basak & Berit who have backgrounds in the unlikely pairing of Instanbul and Copenhagen which no doubt contributes to the quirky uniqueness of the brand.

Check out the collection at Toddlies or on their website here, both of which you’ll find a lot of items discounted. Bonus!


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