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When I had Florence, I was overwhelmed by the cards and gifts we received, people are so unbelievably generous. One of which was a present from my closest friend of 27 years (and Florence’s now Godmother), it was a bracelet engraved with ‘Florence & Me’. I absolutely love it.

I’m a massive magpie when it comes to fine jewellery anyway, probably even more so with anything personal on it. Ask jewellery designer Bianca Jones; you’ll find half her collection in my jewellery box! There’s such a good choice of initial jewellery around for really reasonable prices which makes for a really memorable ‘new mum’ gift. Also, if you decide to go for a necklace, you can add more pendants when there are more bambinos in the future!

Whether you’re looking for something for yourself or a friend, here’s a little edit of my favourites to start you off…

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