One thing nobody tells you about when you’re pregnant is that your feet get bigger, not in length (that really would be weird) but width; and especially if its hot. They’re a bit like post-flight feet, a bit swollen,a bit uncomfortable, basically not ideal. I had Florence in July last year, it was pretty hot and it’s fair to say I was even wedging on my trusty Havaianas by that stage. Not a good look.

However if you’re pregnant now, lucky for you the sandal trend of the summer is pretty preggo friendly. Remember the lace up Gladiator sandal from last year? Well its had one hell of an makeover, it’s pretty much carnival ready. OK yes, so you may need a little help to tie them up for you as you’re bump gets bigger but it’ll be so worth it as they so look pretty! And the best bit? As you’re feet get bigger you can just do them up looser, no more wedging in power required! Boom!

Here’s a selection to get you started…click or hover over the image for details.