Mind The Gap sign on tube  station platform in London UK


Whether you’re sat on the floor at Gymboree, wedging the pram in the car boot or saving Sophie la Girafe from the floor for the nineteenth time that day; it seems there is no escaping the ‘Mum Bum’.

If you’re not au fait with the term, let me explain. You’ve had a baby, maybe not quite back to pre-baby weight and your once favourite jeans don’t fit as well as they used to. Now whilst wearing said jeans and finding out that 98% of your day is spent bending over; you have what can only be likened to a builders bum. Sat in coffee shops, at baby sensory classes, in the doctors waiting room; you can be sure to find an abundance of Mum Bums, constantly being rectified with a quick yank up of the jeans or pull down of the top but to no avail. The Mum Bum wins….every time.

Sound familiar? I know. I’ve been there. THE MOTHERSHOP has the solution with these crack-concealing (sorry) high street hero pieces…oh and some outfit inspo too.

Dungarees are maternity heaven; room for bump, easy access for feeding and no possible bum show. Winner every time.


[Pic credit: Pinterest]

Look for high waisted pieces; trousers and skirts. Wrap skirts are great for a bit of give for bending down, and loose trousers with a pair of Adidas Originals will work for park laps.

Stock up on the bum busters now; and leave the wardrobe malfunctions to the workmen…