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£28 £18 Tease and tote

T-shirts £18 and £28 available from Tease + Totes

Ok I’m not suggesting you head down to your local Sainsbo’s in an adult baby-grow, but I’m noticing a growing trend for Mum’s and their little ones in coordinating outfits and I’m liking it. We had a taster last winter when Dolce & Gabbana sent their models down the runway with a matching mini-me in tow and others have since followed suit. Tease + Totes have their brilliantly empowering ‘Girl Power’ tees (above), where proceeds go towards Worldreader, a non-profit mission to get digital to books to all children. 

Now there’s ways of doing this, and doing it well as it could go very wrong indeed. Keep it simple, don’t go matching head to toe, a top or jumper works best. Like these sweatshirts; now I love a sweatshirt, I love a grey sweatshirt, I love a grey sweatshirt with a slogan on it (still with me?), so this little combo from Bob & Blossom is tres bon in my view…

Bob and Blossom

Sweatshirts £38 and £24, available from Bob & Blossom

And it’s not just apparel either, Sophia Webster jumped on the twinning is winning bandwagon with her Mini collection. The ‘Chiara’ style below is very sweet in teeny sizes. I’m not sure I’ll be rocking the heels round Peckham Rye Common pushing the Bugaboo but then again you never know…

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 20.42.58

£294 and £95, Sophia Webster

If in doubt, keep it simple. These monochrome tee’s from Threaded Tees are a winner, just add a flash of red lipstick (on you, not the baby), your well-loved jeans and you’re good to go.

threaded tees @ etsy £24.41

Threaded Tees £21.41, available from Etsy

This post isn’t complete without a special shout out to Selfish Mother. Any cool mama in the know has a ‘Mother’ sweatshirt in their wardrobe (or in their clothes mountain, or on the bedroom floor). The brain child is founder Molly Gunn and her clothes are a hit with celeb Mum’s such as Fearne Cotton and Myleene Klass. I live in mine and am contemplating getting a t-shirt for the summer. For those who aren’t familiar, Selfish Mother don’t just make quality cool clothes, they do a lot of good for the world at the same time. They’ve raised over £50K for charities including Women for Women International, The Refugee Council UK, KIDS, and Help Refugees UK so buying one of their pieces goes a long way. Do it.


£45 Selfish Mother


£13 Selfish Mother

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