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Being pregnant or having had a baby can often make buying clothes less enjoyable. The solution? Shoe shopping! Why not give your (probably swollen) feet a treat with a pair of swanky new ankle boots. If you’ve already had your baby, you’ll know by now that much of your time will be taken up walking, walking and walking some more. A Professional Pram Pusher will soon become your new found occupation; as you find yourself walking everywhere in the hope of getting (or keeping) your little one asleep. So whilst you’re racking up those miles pounding the pavements, keeping your footwear on trend as well as comfortable is key.

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Many brands do a wide fit option now which will help whilst your ankles do their best to compete with your calves for width. Look for flat styles or a low block heel if you still want a bit of height.

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I personally, have an unhealthy amount of black ankle boots (as I do grey t-shirts but we won’t go into that now). With no explanation; there’s studded, buckle detail, patent, faux fur (yes really), suede, chelsea, snakeskin, the list goes on. But, one thing I can say is I do wear them all. I’m not suggesting you go out and buy twenty versions of a black ankle boot like me, but my point being they are very versatile and stand the test of time. Believe me, the trusty ankle boot is going nowhere fast. Wear with skinny jeans during the day or a little dress, leather jacket and black tights if you’ve got the babysitter booked in!

Here’s a round up of the best from the high street to boot (sorry)…

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