We’re all going on a…Mimi Holliday


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Bra shopping + Pregnancy. Before you run (or waddle) for the hills, hear me out. Mimi Holliday have the most amazing feeding bras. Fact.

Gone are the days of granny width straps and boring basic colours, Damaris Evans (or ‘The Smalls Saviour’ as I like to call her) has designed the prettiest of pieces that are way too good to stay hidden.


I was kindly given one to try out when I had Florence and can honestly say they’re worth every penny. Ok, they’re not cheap when you think how many nappies you can buy for the same amount, BUT they do make you feel more like you did in your pre-pregnancy days and what’s more, a little flash of lace under a top definitely ups your ‘sexy mum’ status!


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Pic credit: Pintrest



Pic credit: Pintrest